Sweden's very own Yung Lean has been one of hip-hop's unlikeliest innovators, and his artistic transformation has been fascinating to behold. Having come to an impressive head with 2017's StrangerLean appeared to have given into his more adventurous creative impulses, culminating in some of the most refined music of his career. And though the subsequent Poison didn't quite capture the same magic as its predecessor, many have been eager to see where Lean goes next.

Yung Lean

 Frank Hoensch/Redferns/Getty Images

As it happens, he's already lined up his new album Blondhundar & Lullabies, taking to Instagram to share the tracklist and artwork. Clocking in at sixteen songs, with titles like "Colors Of Tomorrow," "Machines," "Vitriol," and more, it's fair to say that Leandoer's upcoming project will be unpredictable in nature. Given the presence of Lullabies in the album's title, it may be fair to speculate that he'll be opting for a more intimate style of songwriting, a direction that would be most welcome in the wake of "Red Bottom Sky."

Check out the artwork and tracklist below, and keep an eye out for further details surrounding Lean's Blondhundar & Lullabies. While his style certainly isn't for everybody, it's impossible to deny the young artist's talent, especially when it comes to sonic experimentation. It should be interesting to see where his instincts take him on this go-around, especially if he embraces what made Stranger such a compelling listen from start to finish -- will you be tuning in?