In a recent VLAD TV interview, Young Buck has been offering up some interesting details about numerous throwback stories. The former Cash Money Record's member spoke in detail about how his problems with 50 Cent originated, and how the problems got worse. The G-Unit members apparently began their unreconciled beef after a disagreement over who the collective should be managed as. 

He explained how the feud between him and 50 commenced due to a disagreement over firing Sha Money XL, the manager of the collective at the time, after he and 50 had a falling out over money. "They issues was, from my understanding, about money. And, 50 immediately started to bring me and the guys together in the rooms and office like "Look, ya'll gon' have to find another manager. At the time, Sha was the president of the company, the manager of me, Banks and Yayo, he wore so many f*cking different hats bro," Buck explained. 

Kevin Winter/iHeartMedia/Getty Images 

He continued, "And then all of a sudden, him and 50 stop seeing eye to eye for whatever reason, which put me in a position where I had to make a decision on where I'm going to continue with him being my manager or not when 50 just told all of us that we needed to find new management." After refusing to do so, Buck said after that point 50 purposely excluded him from shows and stopped his second album from being pushed thoroughly. 

In the same interview, the former G-Unit member also disclosed how The Game got booted from the crew of hip hop heavyweights. Do you guys think the falling out was justified? Sound off in the comments. Also check out the full clip of Young Buck explaining the beef below: