In new clips from Young Buck's interview with VLAD TV, the rapper is spilling more beans about his time in G-Unit. Just yesterday, Buck explained in detail how his relationship with 50 Cent soured after he refused to fire his manager whom 50 had got into a beef with regarding money. 

In the latest testimony of 50's lowkey backstabbing of the group, Buck is claiming that the iconic Vitamin Water brand deal that earned 50 Cent $60-$100 million was actually on the table for other G-Unit members. Buck claims that 50 often discouraged them from signing deals that came with no upfront money. "Look, I would have all these different deals come to us all the time, like the Reebok deal. He started to pull these deals from us over time over sh*t like, 'y'all not wearing the shoes.'" Adding that wearing the shoes all the time wasn't in the contract, and he was genuinely confused by 50's sudden discouragement of the deal and others. 

Ethan Miller/iHeartMedia/Getty Images 

Regarding the Vitamin Water deal, he continued explaining 50 discouraged the crew from signing any deals if there was no upfront money involved. He added, "The Vitamin Water deal was exactly that way. There was an opportunity I think where we all could've been apart of that deal, but it wasn't no upfront money there for us, so he took the deal for him." 

He went on to say that 50 had an authoritative approach to managing G-unit, and members who spoke their minds would often become outcasts. The hip-hop supergroup enjoyed success in the early 2000s with a slew of hit records, so it is very likely they were being offered numerous brand deals at the height of their success. What do you make of Young Buck's newest claims? Check out the full clip below and let us know what you think!