YNW Melly is doing everything he can to remain publicly relevant despite currently being incarcerated, announcing yet another album release alongside a fresh merch capsule, teasing his return back home soon.

For nearly the last two years, YNW Melly has been promising his fans that he'll eventually get back home. However, that much is looking grim, despite his co-defendant's release from jail. The Florida rapper is currently facing the death penalty after being accused of a double murder, and he is set to go on trial next year. Until then, there likely will not be too many updates regarding his status. 

Broward's Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

The rapper, whose real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, is hopeful about his release though, announcing a new album via his team and dropping a fresh merch capsule for his fans to buy up. 

"This holiday we are releasing a new FREE MELLY drop to prepare for his upcoming album and for his upcoming release," wrote YNW Melly's team on Instagram. "FREE MELLY TIL THEY FREE HIM. Thank you for the continued support YNW Family."

The new collection includes a hooded sweatshirt, a crewneck sweater, a long sleeve tee, and a cap. 

Are you repping the Free Melly movement? Do you think we'll ever see a day where the rapper is a free man again? Chime in in the comments and stay tuned for more information about his upcoming album.