Rap and Hip Hop have evolved since those early days at New York City parties where local DJs were the celebrities and mixtape cassettes were all the rage. Arguably, this generation of rap is being ruled by the Atlanta scene as some believe the South has dominated for years, and YFN Lucci thinks that he has much to do with the sound that permeates airwaves. The rapper signed his first record deal back in 2014 and in a recent interview with VladTV, he explained how his style of music has influenced his fellow artists. 

YFN Lucci, VladTV, King Von
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

"Just my melodies, the way I rap, the sh*t I talk about, my pain type music," said Lucci. "They weren't rappin' like that. You can hear it in some of the new rappers. Self-explanatory." Vlad then tells Lucci that melodic rap was already in play by the time Lucci stepped on the scene. "Not how I was doing it and what I was talking about... They were making like, high, geeked up music. When I came in, I was talkin' about sh*t I was goin' through, what a n*gga ain't have, what a n*gga tryin' to get, what a n*gga gon' get. I did all that sh*t, so my sh*t different. You can see that sh*t."

Elsewhere, Vlad asked Lucci about his thoughts on the death of King Von—a murder that occurred in Lucci's hometown. "I done stayed in Atlanta all my life. This sh*t ain't new to me. I don't feel no type of way, I just be like, damn," Lucci said. Vlad mentioned that in 2020, more rappers have lost their lives to gun violence, and Lucci added that there are more rappers than there have been in the past. "It's a lot of rappers, and a lot of rappers beefin with a lot of...they got beef. The population just, I don't know."

"Look where they came from. Then they get rich and now you more easy to spot. You're more easy to find," Lucci added. "N*gga know your cars. N*gga know this. You gotta move careful, but a n*gga had problems before the goddamn fame. You can't just wash away your problems once you get rich."

Vlad said that there's more "gunplay" in rap now and Lucci let out a chuckle. "Don't nobody want to fight," he said. "Nobody wanna get they ass whooped" on camera. Check out the clip from his interview below.