If you happen to follow Roddy Ricch on Instagram, then you already know that the man is the definition of low key. He hardly gives fans a window into his life — professional or otherwise — but that's what made his latest IG story so exciting. On Tuesday evening, the "The Box" rapper shared a story that by every indication reveals he has been collaborating with Travis Scott

After appearing to be working out of Scott's recording studio, he posted a photo of a sign that reads: "WELCOME TO UTOPIA," and "@travisscott wya foo, I’m here." Not long after Ricch's story, Scott teased fans as well, reposting the photo to his own story, adding moon and mountain emojis. Rumor has it that Travis Scott's upcoming album is going to be called "UTOPIA." He has yet to confirm that himself, but he has peppered that word into a few of his recent posts.

"AFTER THIS TWEET IMMA THROW MY PHONE," he tweeted following the release of "Franchise". "IM TURNT. FUCK I LOVE YALL SO MUCH. THIS SONG MAKE WE WANNA JUST RUN THREW A WALL AND PUKE !!!!! GOING TO GO COOK UP AND BUILD THESE WALLS FOR UTOPIA. SEE YOU GUYS SOON." He also mentioned the title in a handwritten note. "Thank you for always rocking with me and the whole Cactus gang,” he wrote. “Your support is beyond appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. Hope you and your families are staying safe in these times and I look forward to going up with you once everyone is back. Thank you again! For all of the support and see you guys in 2021 in UTOPIA!!"

All that to say, the theory is that Travis Scott's upcoming album is going to be called "UTOPIA," and Roddy Ricch will be featured on one of the songs. Only time will tell, however.