The topic of snitching and cooperating with the police ran rampant throughout 2020. Somehow, people who, without rap, would not even pay attention to the ethics of the streets, began chiming in on whether or not 6ix9ine was right for ratting the entirety of Nine Tr3y Gangsta Bloods. Ultimately, this put a spotlight on snitching, especially among rappers who portray themselves as gangsters.

Popp Hunna, the rapper who's single "Corvette" has been taking the world by storm, was exposed for cooperating with authorities at the age of 14. Lil Uzi Vert reportedly emerged to denounce the verse he laid on the remix to "Corvette" as well as "Take Off", demanding that both verses be removed. Needless to say, Popp Hunna's career is in jeopardy.

Toosii found himself tangled up in the controversy since he's also featured on Popp Hunna's new project. Trippie Redd, along with Wack 100, called out the rising Raleigh MC who didn't co-sign Popp Hunna's actions but didn't denounce them, either. And while he did do the Instagram back-and-forth, he took his issues to wax. The rapper shared a snippet of the song where he seemingly addresses everything including Trippie Redd. "Say I did a song with a snitch but I ain't one," he raps before directly addressing the Ohio native.

"he bled he ain’t have Redd on/ thought a dead n***a had said sum," he raps. Check the snippet out below.