Verzuz pretty much saved the year. When concerts were down and lockdowns were in place, it was Swizz and Timbaland's brainchild that provided the world with entertainment from the comfort of our homes. For season 2, they've leveled up with Gucci Mane and Jeezy kicking things off which was supposed to be followed byAshanti and Keyshia Cole which unfortunately, failed to materialize after Ashanti was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Things continue to move forward with Too Short and E-40set to face-off for the Bay Area. The announcement arrives shortly after Too Short revealed that he, E-40, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg will be joining forces for a supergroup. Though there isn't a name they've decided on, Too $hort insisted on a recent appearance on the Breakfast Club that this was an effort put in place for the culture, rather than a bag, because, well, they're all doing very well right now.

"Long story short man, we made a lot of songs... And it really definite of what it’s gonna be but it’s gonna be something — it’s just a lot of songs. There is no [group] name. We just some OGs; everybody got studios, and facilities and rap beats," Short said about the supergroup. "It’s something like I feel we’re doing this for Hip Hop."

As hip-hop has constantly been regarded as a "young man's sport," the supergroup including these four legendary West Coast MCs is a celebration of well-earned legacies. Hip-hop is witnessing more and more rappers over the age of 30 making their mark on the game. And even the OGs are showing that their still at the height of their game.

"Where’s the best time zone and who’s the best era … who’s the best age group — all this stuff that don’t mean nothing to Hip Hop. Because Hip Hop is very uncontrollable. So when I say we doing it for Hip Hop — which is my main motivation — is I’m 54 years old! If we do anything, it’s gonna come out when I’m 55 years old!" He added.

Are you excited for this supergroup? Check out the interview below.