Fans of the songstress were delighted in the second half of 2020 when SZA returned with two brand new singles from her highly-anticipated follow-up to Ctrl expected to drop this year. In the time between her debut and her sophomore effort, SZA promised fans music several times, but still only lent out guest vocals with no new solo material. In a recent cover story interview for Cosmopolitan, SZA got candid about her relationship with her label, as well as what fans can expect to hear on her next album. 

If you recall last summer, SZA alleged that the situation with her record label, Top Dawg Entertainment, had been "hostile" and suggested that they were the reason why she had not released new music since Ctrl. She followed the next day by retracting her claims, tweeting that "Sometimes u gotta be patient...sometimes no is a blessing. i trust the people around me."

Elaborating more on her relationship with her label, she explained she is at the point where she just wants to release what she feels like. “Sometimes you just want to make something f*cking awful just to rage against the system, but that’s not where I’m at,” she says. “In this space, I just want to do what I want without any pressure, without any hyper-conversation about it.”

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

She went on to explain the inspiration behind the new project. “This album is going to be the sh*t that made me feel something in and in here,” she continues, placing a hand on her heart one on her gut. “That’s what’s going to go on the album. I’m making all different types of shit every day from different places in my spirit.”

Check out the full interview with SZA here.