The Verzuz wave continues to spark conversations of potential match-ups, and fans want to see two women in rap celebrate their careers. There have been rumors of a longstanding beef with Foxy Brown and Lil Kim and the hostility between the ladies even birthed a number of diss tracks. Yet, seeing how the 15-year feud between Gucci Mane and Jeezy could come to an end because of Verzuz, Hip Hop fans are hoping that the same could be said for Kim and Foxy.

Fans took to social media to discuss the idea of these ladies meeting up, and people were both excited and a little scared. Back in 2001, Foxy and Kim's entourages had a run-in in New York City, and to call it a bruh-ha-ha is an understatement. What resulted was a shootout, and after police say that Kim lied about being at the location when the incident occurred, the rapper served a year behind bars. Foxy Brown reportedly tried squashing the beef but it's said that Kim rejected her.

After reading through comments claiming that a Verzuz was definitely going to happen with these two, Swizz Beatz had to step in and clarify. "No!!!!! Not confirmed !!!" he tweeted. The "not confirmed" portion of his message had some thinking that the Verzuz gods are trying to work something out. Will you tune in for this one if they made it happen?