Swae Lee had it rough last week, starting by having his hard drive stolen at LAX and going into the weekend with the culprit taunting him with the stolen goods a few days later for all of social media to see. We're happy to report though that it looks like the Rae Sremmurd member has worked something out in order to be getting his property back soon enough.

Swae Lee Stolen Hard Drive
Image:  Rick Kern/Getty Images

Speaking with Mark Anthony Green for GQ's The Drop-In segment, Swae Lee confirmed that him and his team know where the missing hard drive is at actually, telling Green simply that, "it's on the way back." He further elaborated by adding, "the backpack was with one of my affiliates and it just got swiped sitting in a place that it shouldn't have been sitting." He also confirmed that no one robbed him as some reports were saying, and even claimed that the person who has it is a "superfan" who only knew he was grabbing something that belonged to his favorite musician. "He just wanted to have contact with me and be in communication with me," Swae said about the overzealous fan, taking it in stride by adding, "It's all good." We're sure it is, but we're also willing to bet that this fan isn't getting Swae's autograph anytime soon.

Ultimately, he credits his calm nature about the whole ordeal on his life being "like a movie." Let's just hope the film of his life is more along the lines of Project X and less in the vain of Ocean's 11.

Watch Swae Lee's full interview with The Drop-In by GQ below, where he breaks down the emotional effect that losing his hard drive had in addition to how it resulted in a much-needed delay for his upcoming new music projects:

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