Since his introduction to the industry around 1995, KXNG Crooked has been apart of some of the most impactful teams in the game. Crooked is respected by many for his hustle, his lyrical ability, and his overall demeanor. KXNG Crooked has spoken with HNHH several times throughout his career, but his most recent - a tell-all, in-depth conversation - came from the first of our "12 Days Of Christmas" interview series

In this conversation, KXNG Crooked offered as much advice and insight as he could. Being in the game for as long as he has, he's learned a lot and is not afraid to share it. When asked about the conflicts between artists and their labels, KXNG Crooked offered us some insight on a project of his that never got to see the light of day. 

As KXNG Crooked recalls, the lead single from the album Say Hi To The Bad Guy, garnered a lot of attention from the masses. The single debuted on Angie Martinez's show on HOT 97, but the fans never got to hear any follow-ups. 

Crooked explained to HNHH that although they (Death Row Records) were working with "major players in the independent world", Suge Knight couldn't fathom the fact that they weren't going to sell less than what was used to selling earlier in his career when he was still working with a major label. 

Check out a snippet of the quote below, but be sure to check out the full interview for the entire story. 

"So we went indie and Suge just wasn't used to independent releases. He was like, “Wait a minute.” When they told him what my projections were for my first week, he wanted to pull the album like, “No, we're not doing that.” Because he was used to going damn-near platinum in the first week with his products, before he got locked up, but the game had changed when he got out."