Styles P is often praised as one of the realest rappers in the game, a quality that he's retained since first emerging alongside his LOX brethren Jadakiss and Sheek Louch. Since those early days on Bad Boy, Styles has forged out an impressive discography, lined with solo releases, Ruff Ryder's compilation tapes, LOX projects, countless mixtape freestyles, and more. Yet amidst all of the music fans have received from Pinero, one of his most beloved tracks came by way of JadakissKiss Tha Game Goodbye LP, the legendary back-and-forth duet "We Gon Make It."

And while the seemingly inspirational title has left countless listeners feeling hopeful, Styles P recently came forward to dole out a harsh reality check. "Everyone ain't gon make it," he tweeted, offering up his prediction for the upcoming year. When one follower was quick to cite the aforementioned Jada duet, suggesting that P had contradicted his own philosophy, Styles reminded him to pay close attention to the words being used. "We does not equal everybody," writes P. "The song ain’t everybody gonna make it."

A darkly comedic reminder delivered in typically blunt Styles fashion, his reality check served to blow the minds of everyone taking solace in the seemingly optimistic message of "We Gon Make It." Leave it to the Ghost to keep it real at all costs, and in all fairness -- he never once told a lie in his statement. Check out the hilarious exchange below, and show some love to Styles P in the comments below.