It doesn't take much for a conflict to erupt in the rap game, and now it's looking like Drakeo The Ruler and Soulja Boy are set to be embroiled in an explosive war of words. Following Drakeo's release from prison and subsequent career momentum -- which happens to include a recently-teased feature from Drake -- the west coast rapper has taken to flexing in an unapologetic fashion. On Saturday night, Drakeo took to Instagram to declare that "There is only one Drakeo and that's me. There is no Big Draco or none of that shit ni*gas is talking 'bout!!"

Soulja Boy

 Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Given that Soulja Boy has been going by Big Draco for a minute now, it didn't take long for him to catch wind of Drakeo's dismissive claim. As expected, it didn't sit well with the legendary "Crank Dat" rapper, who responded by letting fly a fire-and-brimstone-laden rant, though without directly indicting The Ruler by name. "Anything you rap ni**gas done did, I already did it, ni**a," Soulja screamed in the video. "Signing a record deal, I been did it. Fucking these groupie ass hoes, I been did it. Doing songs with these rap ni*gas, I been did it! Y'all ni*gas late, y'all ni*gas catching up. Going viral on the internet, I been did it. Fuck you talking about? I don't need no songs with none of you pussy-ass ni**as."

"The shit you doing, I was doing that when I was seventeen," he continues, validating his status as hip-hop's misunderstood pioneer. "I been doing this shit, lame-ass n**ga. You can never be me. Don't ever get it confused. You got about ten more years of work to put in. I'm the first rapper on YouTube, bitch-ass boy! N***as acting like they doing something." He goes so far as to invite further conflict as the rant goes on, culminating in a request to "drop a location." 

It's unfortunate to see the two rappers embroiled in such a conflict, as squabbles of this nature seldom lead to any positive developments. Despite the shared similarities in their monikers, there's no reason that Soulja Boy and Drakeo The Ruler can't peacefully coexist, even if they don't exactly see eye to eye. Check out Soulja's retaliatory rant below.