At the top of the year, Casanova kicked 2020 off with his Cash Cobain-produced track "D&D," or "Demons & Devils," with Fivio Foreign and Smoove L. Soon, there were whispers about the song, particularly about a line that some alleged was Smoove L taking a jab at Pop Smoke. "Shouldn't let him put the battery in your back / 'Cause that got your ass cl-cl-cl-cl-clapped / And I be with them demons, that's a fact (Real goon, n*gga) / I put the four on the map, I put the BKNY on my back (I put the four on the map)." The theory was rejected by many because Fivio Foreign, a good friend of Pop's, was on the track, but still, people tried turning it into a rap beef.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Smoove L was asked about his lyrics and whether or not they were directed to the late rapper.  "Nah, that's just me rappin'," he answered. Vlad wanted to confirm that there wasn't truth in the rumors, and Smoove L denied it once again. "[Social] media man, you see the way 2020 is.  You see social can't really be on social media. I don't really, like—I'm outside, real life, real-life vibe. I don't be on social media like that. Social media, they stir a lot of sh*t up, you know what I'm saying. Trying to get sh*t cookin'."

Vlad again said that there were articles that painted it as if there was some sort of beef, and L stuck to his answer and said his lyrics weren't directed at anyone. The rapper was asked if he felt some type of way about Pop Smoke "jumping on the Gotti beat," and Smoove L said "Nah." He added, "I wasn't even really paying attention to Pop Smoke like that."

"I'm really locked in," Smoove L continued. "I'm in the studio every day. I'm trying to get my own sh*t. That's about it." Check out his full denial below.