New Music Friday has been a less joyous occasion for Saweetie this week, after her record label, Warner Records, allegedly released her music prematurely. She took to Twitter late last night to expose the label for having a "thirst for clout."

Her brand new track, "Best Friend" featuring Doja Cat was supposedly meant to be released later on. According to Saweetie's tweet, she already had a "dope rollout" plan in place for it for a later date. To add insult to injury, she revealed that the label released the wrong version of the track as well. 

"I am extremely disappointed in my label for prematurely releasing a single I was so excited about," she wrote. "I feel disrespected. I’m hands on with ALL of my creative & had such a dope rollout for “best friends”. The thirst for clout & $ is real & it overrides the artists’ art." She continued to vent her disbelief, noting, "We put so much work into the visual & we shot for days for this super cinematic girl anthem. And for this to happen? wow."

"The wrong version at that smh. Like wtf???," she added. The "Tap In" rapper is far from the first artist to swerve the shady politics of a big-name record label for the sake of maintaining her artistic integrity and keeping it real with her fans. Back in June, Wale spoke out on Twitter, revealing his disappointment over his manager has been doing the "bare minimum."