Royce Da 5'9" has had a pretty big year and recently, he helped us recap the year as part of our "12 Days Of Christmasinterview series. Throughout the interview, Royce spoke to us about a whole host of topics, including some of the best albums and verses of the entire year. Of course, Royce made sure to give artists like Benny The Butcher their flowers, while also showering the likes of Drake and Wayne with praise.

For instance, Royce spoke on Wayne's latest project No Ceilings 3 which has a slick verse from Drake on the track "B.B. King Freestyle." This track was praised quite a bit for its verses and Royce made sure to note just how great it was. From there, Royce also spoke about Wayne and Drake's commercial success and how they complemented each other.

Drake & Lil Wayne

"Yeah, I mean, he does numbers because he's one of our greats," Royce said when asked about Lil Wayne. "But because of his journey, it's easy to forget that. It's easy to lose sight of that. And it's never been put in perspective properly. It's never been broken down and placed in front of you the proper way what he has contributed. Like nobody really repeats that enough. It's not enough people going, Oh, well, you know, he gave us a Drake and Nicki. Nobody says that, they just go “Drake, look at Drake, he’s so handsome. Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake, Drake.” You know because Drake has you in awe of his greatness. But Wayne is a different level of greatness."

There is no denying that Royce is on the money here especially as Drake and Wayne both continue to garner praise this deep into their respective careers. Over the next few years, many are interested to see how they both evolve, and as it stands, it looks like they still have a lot left to give.

You can check out our full interview with Royce, right here.