Fans have been longing for the release of the GS9 members but after news that Bobby was denied parole, things were looking grim. On the bright side, it'll be about a year until Bobby's out, and earlier today, it was revealed that Rowdy Rebel has actually been released from prison. His inmate file on the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision website confirmed that he's out.

Fresh out of prison, some footage of the rapper emerged on social media as he basked in the newfound freedom. In the backseat of a vehicle, the rapper is hyped as he chops it up with someone on his iPhone. The rapper also shared footage of a clip from Fetty Luciano's video as it played on a screen 

Now that he's out, his fans began anticipating his first musical offering post-prison. Of course, with the recent rise of Brooklyn drill, which was no doubt influenced by the foundation built by Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, and GS9, plenty of people expressed excitement at the idea of Rowdy Rebel sliding over AXL Beats or 808Melo production. 

With Rowdy Rebel out of prison, it seems like there's only one more member left of the GS9 clique left to be released from prison. That one person being Bobby Shrmuda who has a release date set for 2021.

Check out the reactions to Rowdy Rebel's release below.