Though it was revealed earlier in the year that Bobby Shrmuda would not be released on parole, the outcome for Rowdy Rebel was different. Earlier today, it was reported that he was officially released from prison after his incarceration in 2016 when he pleaded guilty to one count of a third-degree conspiracy and a weapons possession charge.

It was, of course, a joyous moment. When Rowdy Rebel went in, he and Bobby Shmurda had the game on lock, influencing a whole generation of rappers within a short stint in the game. Needless to say, if anyone could emerge out of jail on this present day and declare themselves as the King Of New York after much debate in recent years, it's Rowdy Rebel.

"Fuck that," said Rowdy atop a car to a friend on FaceTime. "Tell n***as the real King Of New York back. And if they don't like it, tell them n***as to do what they gotta do."

Of course, it wouldn't be right if he touched down without having some new ice. The rapper revealed a brand new iced out chain but people quickly caught onto the fact that he made sure to straighten his hair immediately after his release.

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