Roddy Ricchhas been one of the game's breakout stars, still riding the success of his debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial; in fact, despite its initial release in 2019, few can deny the impact that "The Box" has had in 2020, to the point where it feels like one of the year's definitive anthems. And while he has held it down on various features -- including a turn on DaBaby's massive "Rockstar" single -- many have been patiently waiting to see where the young Compton artist goes on his upcoming sophomore album.

Roddy Ricch

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

As it happens, many fans have come to speculate that Roddy's next effort would be titled Love Is Barely Real Anymore, a theory that initially sparked after he sent out a cryptic teaser. Though it was unclear as to whether or not Roddy Ricch's next endeavor was a single or an album, given how frequently artists tend to drop from the bluest of blues, many have deduced that his sophomoric drop would be imminent. And now, Roddy himself has stoked those hypes even further, having taken to Instagram to declare that "IT'S TIME."

It doesn't hurt that he's sporting a Richard Mille timepiece, making the post multi-purpose in nature. It should be noted that new music tends to arrive on Friday, and Roddy's previous album recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on December 6th. Could be that the rapper enjoys dropping at the end of a year, with this upcoming project serving to further that theory. Of course, it could simply be smoke and mirrors -- though given everything we've seen from the six-time Grammy nominee, Roddy Ricch knows exactly what he's doing.

Check out the cryptic post below, and keep an eye out for more news on the album that may or may not be titled Love Is Barely Real Anymore.