It's not uncommon to hear Mount Rushmore used within a hip-hop context, often to pay homage to the founding fathers of a given location or style. Today, Rick Ross came through to represent his home city in a major way, detailing his own Miami Mount Rushmore in a legendary Instagram link-up. Together with Trick Daddy and JT Money, Rick Ross stands at the center of Florida history, vowing to frame the picture and hang it on his wall. 

 JT Money

JT Money in 1999. Scott Harrison/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The image was quick to spark reaction from a wide number of hip-hop names and cultural icons, with fellow Floridian DJ Khaled commenting "I’m frame this one to . Legendary." 2 Chainz was quick to quote JT's "I hate hoes," a song he laced with the Poison Clan, writing "I hate hoes hoes hate me JT." Longtime Trick Daddy affiliate Trinawith whom he made a slew of classic tunes, came through to show some love. As did LeBron James, further solidifying himself as one of the NBA's chief hip-hop historians. 

Trick Daddy Dollars. John Sciulli/Getty Images

Though you don't always hear Miami receive the credit it deserves within the greater hip-hop context, it's a welcome sight to see Rick Ross standing up and holding it down for his roots. It's unclear as to what prompted the three titans to unite in the first place, but naturally, many have speculated that a collaboration feels all but inevitable; after all, when you have so many rappers in a given room, a studio is seldom far away. Check out the picture for yourself below, and show some love to three of Miami's biggest musical innovators -- do you think Ross, Trick Daddy, and JT Money get the credit they deserve?