Hindsight is always 20-20, and following the death of Pop Smoke, his loved ones grappled with where things went wrong to lead up to his tragic death. In February, the news of Pop Smoke's murder quickly circulated worldwide after he was callously gunned down during a home invasion robbery in Los Angeles. Authorities have apprehended suspects involved, and while the case against them builds, Pop's brother Obasi Jackson discusses the rapper's death on Peace of Mind with Taraji.

"All of that stuff he went through, it was just—there was a time when he went through a situation where people would put him down and count him out. There was a lot of threats on his life because of that," Obasi said on the Facebook Watch series. "People were trying to figure out where the threats were coming from. I didn't think that anybody would do that and it's just a lot that goes into it."

Obasi also struggles with why his brother was out and about without the proper protection. "You go out there with no security. I'm just like, I can't even fathom," he said. "It's mind-boggling to me that someone would let a superstar go out with no security. That still plays on my mind. That just don't make no sense. So, I don't wanna point fingers, that's not who I am as a person, but the truth is what the truth is and that's something that bothers me."

Elsewhere in the episode, Obasi touches on the tragedies that have occurred in Hip Hop, mentioning other artists who have lost their lives to gun violence. "Where does this stop? It's not just Pop Smoke. It's not just King Von. It's not just Nipsey [Hussle]." Obasi's episode of Peace of Mind with Taraji is available at 12 PM EST today on Facebook Watch.