Fans have been waiting since the top of the year for Playboi Carti to drop a new studio album. Rumors placed the drop date earlier in the year at first, but as the days dragged along fans began to think it was getting the long delay. Hope was once again reignited in the recent weeks since Carti hit the promo wave on social media-heavy. Now finally, fans have a release date. The rapper took to social media with an announcement on Monday (Dec. 20) night.

"AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I t0LD U ! I L0v3 u PRE 0RDeR NOW," wrote Carti on social media. Whole Lotta Red will be dropping on Christmas Day, confirming specuation. The art Carti released alongside his announcement confirms the date, and may also be the cover for the project. Carti already confirmed that Future and Travis Scott appear on the album, with rumblings linking Kid Cudi to the project as well.

In recent weeks, Phora and Carti have been tagging each other's album promos in a way to vandalize the competition. The back and forth helped build hype for Carti's album, as the hilarious feud began trending. Are you excited about Carti's latest project? Make sure to grab a pre-order here.