It's official. Kid Cudi is featured on Playboi Carti's fan-favorite leak "Kid Cudi", also known as "Pissy Pamper".

The two rappers have been spending some time together as of late, with Playboi Carti confirming a Kid Cudi feature on his long-awaited album Whole Lotta Red. Now that we know the album is being released at the end of this week, fans are left wondering what the tracklist will look like. Rumored features include Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. Apparently, Kid Cudi will be on the leaked record "Kid Cudi", which has become a cult classic in recent years.

"kID cUDI oN kID cUDI," wrote Playboi Carti on Twitter, sharing a video preview of the work that Cudi did on the record. The rapper absolutely slides over the instrumental, continuing his great work following the release of Man On The Moon III: The Chosen

Already, this announcement has boosted the excitement for this album by a lot, as if the hype weren't strong enough already. People can't wait to hear the final version of "Kid Cudi" with Kid Cudi as a feature. 

Recently, Playboi Carti also shared a merch collection to accompany his upcoming album, which people are genuinely scared of on the internet. With upside-down crosses and other satanist references, fans are wondering what rumored executive producer Kanye West thinks of the merch, given his strong Christian identity. Read more about that here.