While Mario Judah has attempted to hijack the rollout to Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red, it hasn't necessarily shifted the general public's excitement for the project. It's been over two years since the project's been announced and last week, Akademiks said that he sold his soul to find out the release date which is set for Christmas. And while plenty of people are hesitant to get their hopes up, it seems like Playboi Carti wasn't lying when he said that he had a gift for the fans.

A proper rollout for Whole Lotta Red has officially hit the streets as red spray-painted tags with the album's title and release date have been spotted. One sign properly builds the anticipation, reading, "WLR The World Will Be Red Soon." There was also a tag that was written across the Billboard for Phora's With Love. Understandably, Phora wasn't too pleased about that one. 

"Whole lotta CAP FUCKIN LOSERS," he wrote in one post, followed by another that read, "Bunch of weirdos in LA who don't give a fuck about the next person trying to do something themselves." He went on to unleash two more posts addressing the matter.

"World filled with a bunch of fuck boys and clowns who have no respect for anyone because they have no respect for themselves. Could never be me. Some people just raised and built differently though," he wrote before admitting that he once used to be a tagger. However, he clarified that there were always repercussions for disrespect within the community.

But still, fans seemed particularly excited at the fact that Playboi Carti will be dropping a new album. The post was shared by Matthew M. Williams, who is said to be involved in the project and recently declared WLR a classic. Williams also clarified that this wasn't they weren't the culprit behind the tags. "*We Did NOT Do This," he wrote in the comment section. However, the fact that he acknowledged the tags could be seen as a confirmation of sorts. But, to further the speculation, Art Dealer, Playboi Carti's creative director, shared these photos as well. Perhaps we'll actually see the album's release on Christmas day.