With Playboi Carti fever reaching a holiday pitch, thanks to the heavily speculated arrival of his anticipated Whole Lotta Red landing this Christmas Day, many of his loyal fans have been studying his social media feed with academic precision. No stranger to embracing cryptic imagery, Carti hasn't exactly done his followers any favors; in fact, the road to Whole Lotta Red has been jumbled, filled with intrigue, and downright baffling at times. 

Playboi Carti Kid Cudi

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It reached a point where him simply extending a greeting to both Post Malone and Pharrell Williams felt like an outright confirmation of their involvement in the project. Subsequent confirmations of Kid Cudi's presence were far more direct, with Carti stating outright that the Moon Man "wILL bE oN THis ALBuM." Evidently, it would appear that Carti and Cudi have found much in common, having seemingly had quite the -- no pun intended -- rager the other night. 

A few remnants were shared on Carti's IG page, with a caption that further emphasizes his reverence for Cudi; in fact, the Man On The Moon III artist has long been cited among the most influential artists in recent history, with Carti's admiration serving as a clear exhibit. From the look of it, the pair enjoyed a smoking session either before, during, or after joyriding Carti's brand new tank -- a tank he received from none other than Kanye West, who will also be appearing on Whole Lotta Red. 

At this point, Carti is who he is, a truly original and enigmatic voice of hip-hop's new generation. Though his music isn't for everybody, it's hard to deny the allure surrounding his image and music alike, and it's likely that Whole Lotta Red will only enhance that mystique further when it drops this Christmas.