This past year was absolutely ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the virus having claimed the lives of 1.61 million people since it first began to spread at the onset of 2020. Since then, the way of life as we have come to know it has been uprooted, prompting scientists to unite like never before in a shared effort to bring a vaccine to the masses and quell the spread. In fact, today saw the inoculation of ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay, who received one of the first doses of the newly authorized COVID-19 vaccine during a live-streamed event. 

And while many are understandably excited for the vaccine's rollout, others have been wary about the entire process. Many rappers have expressed open distrust of the vaccine, with Offset having recently cited a sordid history between the medical and black communities. Now, NLE Choppa is among the latest to openly speak out against the vaccine, imploring his 931-thousand Twitter followers to avoid it entirely.

"Stay away from the vaccines, I repeat stay away from THEM VACCINES," he warns, neglecting to elaborate any further -- though it's not the first time he's espoused anti-vaccination philosophies. His adamant tone has made his stance on the matter abundantly clear, but some have criticized the rapper for issuing a blanket statement without additional context.

Of course, there are many nuances to recognize when factoring in the black community's experience with vaccines, and it's likely the process of mass inoculation will be a long and winding road lined with tough conversations. Still, it has officially begun, and we're only now starting to see where people stand. Check out Choppa's message below.