As part of HNHH's 12 Days of Christmas series, we sat down with Mulatto recently to discuss her breakout year in music, possibly changing her name, some new hobbies she's picked up from quarantine, and much, much, more. 

When asked about all the amazing collaborations she's managed to notch on her belt this year, the self-proclaimed Queen of Da Souf had some words of praise for Atlanta peer Lil Baby, gushing over his talent. She then referred to the My Turn artist as one of the best in terms of Atlanta hip-hop right now. "I feel like he’s the frontrunner for the males of Atlanta, and I feel like I’m the frontrunner for the females," Mulatto began. "Like Atlanta, male rap and female rap, I think that collab was needed for Atlanta culture. But off set and stuff, even in the studio, he's real cool and humble, real humble dude."

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"On some longevity sh*t, I’d say [Lil] Baby for sure. He's an artist that's not just here today and gone tomorrow, 15 minutes of fame. He’s here to stay for sure. Baby... myself, sh*t. I know I’m here to stay. A lot of it don't even be the talent or the music. It’s the work ethic," she explains.

Big Latto then goes on to compare her and Baby's hard-working nature, something she thinks distinguishes them from other rappers in the Atlanta game, continuing, "If you gonna be here to stay, and I'm saying you're gonna be here for a long time, it really be the work ethic. Who else? I’ll say Baby and me. I'm gonna say one female and one male. Me and Baby."

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