She's been readying the release of her forthcoming album and hinted that she's been in the studio with The Neptunes, but we haven't received a project from Monica in years. Her talent is both undeniable and applauded, but some feel as if Monica could have reached even greater heights in her career. She recently hopped on Instagram Live to answer a few questions from fans, and in the process, she addressed why she decided to make certain choices and business moves.

“I’ve always bared my soul and was transparent, which I catch a lot of flack for, all the time. But I’m still cool with it because if I don’t do nothin’ else, I’m going to be me,” she reportedly said. Monica also acknowledged that because she opted to maintain her authenticity, that may have contributed to her not being as big of an entertainer as some people expected.

"Listen, I would have been a much bigger star, a much wealthier woman, had I put on for you," the singer added, also mentioning that she regularly sees artists doing just that. "That was a choice, a decision that I made. A lot of the stuff that you haven’t seen me do, is not because it wasn’t offered. It was because I made the choice not to. I got all the calls, but I knew what people were sacrificing to do what they were doing. I didn’t want to sacrifice that.”

Watch her Instagram Live below to hear more from the Atlanta artist.