Mario Judah really had the best pandemic glow-up out of absolutely anybody. Before just a few months ago, nobody had any clue who the Atlanta-based rap artist was. At the start of this year, Mario was trying to make it as a producer, not realizing that he would become one of the most exciting young artists to break out by the end of 2020. 

Between his Playboi Carti imitation songs, that entire social media saga, and his viral performances during Rolling Loud's live stream events, Mario Judah has been a total star during the pandemic. He's gotten so viral that, today, people are urging the artist to release his full version of Whole Lotta Red, claiming that his first part, which featured four songs, was better than Playboi Carti's entire 24-track album.

It's insane to think that some people seriously believe that Mario Judah has already outclassed Playboi Carti in his own style, but that's the case with memes and jokes flying on social media as people continue to react to Whole Lotta Red. People are asking Mario to come through with even more goodness from his version of the album, asking him to drop the rest of the project.

"Nah aint no way THIS mf made a better WLR than Carti," wrote one person, which is being shared by hundreds of fans that are disappointed in the actual Whole Lotta Red.

Do you think Mario Judah will continue to mimic Playboi Carti or is he done for good now? Read our new 12 Days of Christmas interview with Mario Judah here.