Mario Judah isn't playing around. If Playboi Carti fails to release Whole Lotta Red by the end of this week, he'll be releasing his own version of the long-awaited album, already dropping the lead single from the project.

For the last couple of weeks, the ultra-viral Mario Judah continued his emergence as a musical threat by issuing a warning to Playboi Carti. Much like all of Carti's fans, Mario was tired of waiting any longer. Either he pressured Carti into dropping his new album, which has been teased for over a year, or Mario would do it for him. It's looking like the latter may actually happen as, last night, the "Die Very Rough" artist came through with an ultimatum for Carti.

"Sup carti, hope u having a good day," wrote Mario on Twitter, trying his best to remain polite. "Just wanted to let you know that you have 3 days left @playboicarti." 

That gives the artist until December 11 to release his follow-up to Die Lit. There are rumors that Carti may actually come through, but if he doesn't, the rapper will surely never hear the end of it from Mario Judah, who has his own album ready to go.

"Im trying the best I can carti fans," added Mario. "We gone get that n***a album...and if not...then y’all know what will happen next @playboicarti."

We're sure that, before Friday, we'll be watching more WWE-style promos from Mario Judah, who is capitalizing off this situation in a major way. Are you more excited for Playboi Carti's Whole Lotta Red or Mario Judah's Whole Lotta RedListen to Judah's new single "Bih Yah" and let us know.