They were once collaborators and alleged lovers, but a violent incident caused division between Gucci Mane and Mac Bre-Z. Many years ago, Gucci Mane was performing his "Trap Huse" single, a track pulled from his 2005 debut studio album of the same name. A grainy video of the performance has withstood the tests of time, and in it, Gucci is seen giving his performance while Mac Bre-Z, also referred to as Mac Breezy, is on the stage as well. Gucci didn't seem to like something that she was doing, so he told her to move. When she retorted, he pushed her away, sending her off stage. The camera pans to Mac Bre-Z as she yells back at Gucci Mane, and soon, viewers can see Gucci punch Mac Bre-Z in the face.

The controversial video went viral at the time, but over the years it occasionally resurfaces for audiences who weren't privy to the altercation. Mac Bre-Z recently sat down for an interview where she spoke about the incident. "First of all, a lot of people made light of the situation," said Mac Bre-Z. "I would never understand that, 'cause if somebody punch your mama, your sister, your cousin, you wouldn't have this same energy." She went on to say that when the video first surfaced years ago, she wasn't bothered by it."

"That video happened in 2005, this when he had just not too long ago came home," she continued. Mac Bre-Z explained that they were all at a friend's birthday party at a restaurant and there wasn't a stage. She and Gucci weren't on good terms at the time because they'd gotten into an argument while touring. Mac Bre-Z was invited to the party, but Gucci apparently told her not to attend, and she believes it was because another woman was his guest.

She showed up with her friends, and while there, the DJ suggested she and Gucci perform their single "Go Head." He agreed, but when it got to Mac Bre-Z's portion of the track, she claims he stopped the song and went on to perform "Trap House" instead. Gucci kept telling her to move out of his way but she refused and put her hand in his face. He pushed her, and Mac Bre-Z admitted to throwing a drink in his face before he punched her.

"It was in slow-mo," she recalled. Listen to her share all the details of this story below and check out the footage from the infamous event.