If you're an artist who has amassed any sort of fan base over the years, it is likely you will face scrutiny from fans if you ever do decide to switch up your sound. Lil Skies has recently become the subject of this "I miss the old [insert artist here]" talk. While staying relatively quiet on social media this year, over the weekend the Pennsylvania rapper went on a mini-rant via Instagram stories, detailing why he will never be the old "Lil Skies." 

He began his rant by saying, "y’all gotta stop wishing i was the same person & made the same music.” He continued, “when i came in this game, im a human being, im growing and changing too, i can’t be that same person i was three years ago. my life on a whole other type of time now, this be my last time addressing this."

He concluded the rant by adding that just as artists grow as people, their music will evolve with them, adding that “y’all get on here and attack artist for not making the same song over & over again, we people too. and personally i make what i feel….cuz we wanna try different sounds we wrong? Nah….anyways….love to all my real supporters. y’all kno the vibes.” 

While Lil Skies is speaking about his experiences with fans, the same sentiments can be expanded to Playboi Carti's recent album that received scathing reviews from fans. Skies' album Shelby released last year moved around 50K+ copies in its first week, an impressive figure considering the lack of promotion for the album. 

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