Lil Reese's disdain for Famous Dex knows no bounds. The Chicago rapper got the news that Famous Dexrecently checked into rehab, and he wasn't very kind with the information. Recent pictures of Dex looked horrible, with many fans fearing for his health and safety after seeing him looking emaciated.  

"Stop worrying about the next mothafucka that's doing drugs... The world of drugs," Dex responded to fans who were vocal about their worry for him. "I used to love doing whatever. I got money, I could do whatever the fuck I wanna do, goofy ass bitch. Fuck you worried about me fo'?" However, it appears the drug use finally caught up with him. 

Reese took to Twitter to throw shade at Dex, and attempted to mask it with a very thin attempt at a congrats. "Famous dex check into the rehab I knew he had to been off some tweakin wit me like imma goofy that dude was off the coke I’m happy for him tho," he wrote. Reese and Dex traded barbs on Twitter not too long ago as well, with Reese writing, "This coke head crack head ass nigga must be gettin paid from 69." Maybe, one day, these guys can put it all behind them.