This year has been absolutely wild for too many reasons. For the first time ever really, we've been forced to stay at home with nowhere to go-- not even the movie theater or Denny's. There's a virus in the air that has taken over this entire year, forcing countries to lock down as many of us live through our first-ever pandemic.

COVID-19 has not been fun, limiting just about everything that we can do to entertain ourselves. Shows are canceled, restaurants are closed, and the four walls of our homes are closing in quickly. 

Lazarus, also known as Dr. Khan from Detroit, has been writing through the pandemic to keep busy, reflecting on how coronavirus has changed his life (and everyone else's) for the worse. The doctor-turned-rapper, who has worked with Royce Da 5'9", Ghostface Killah, Hopsin, and more, is returning with his latest visuals for "Trap City" which is all about the COVID-19 outbreak and the vaccine in development.

Photo credit: Lauren Constable

"Is there a vaccine coming, or are we just gonna keep benefiting mask developers? They plottin' to kill us til ain't no one left," raps Lazarus on the record, which is available across all DSPs. The song finds inspiration in the widespread joblessness caused by the virus, as well as other standout moments that happened this year, like the worldwide protests following George Floyd's police killing. The video was released via KYYBA Films.

It's a mirror of the times we're living in right now. Check it out below.