Kodak Black has been behind bars for just about a year and a half now and has tried almost everything he can to get out early. It has been reported that a month before his IG message to his son aka "lil sniper", Kodak attempted to reason with federal prosecutors and requested an early release. 

It has been an incredibly difficult year for Kodak, and we saw all of it. Not too long ago, we received news that Kodak was going to be moved from a jail in Kentucky, to one in Chicago, after there were reports that he was being physically and emotionally abused at the hands of the prison guards.

Amidst it all though, Kodak has been busy and tried his best to keep his spirits up, even converting to Judaism, before the release of his latest album Bill Is RealKodak tried to reason with the prosecutors, telling them he is not "sick or demented", and just someone who made a mistake.

Kodak has certainly made a few hiccups behind bars, like going back and forth with NBA YoungBoy, but he has also done plenty of good, including a recent Christmas Toy Drive

In his letter, Kodak claimed that the good that he could do for the world outside of prison warranted an early release, but unfortunately, the prosecutors found that there were no "extraordinary and compelling reasons supporting his request for release". 

Hopefully, this news doesn't discourage Kodak and he is quick to counter with more valid request.