We hope everybody out there is having a great holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or just have the day to kick it (virtually or not) with the family. For rapper Kodak Black, he made sure that families in Broward County, Florida would be treated with toys for the tots regardless of the fact that he's currently locked up. 

Kodak Black merry Christmas Toy Drive locked up Behind Bars
Image: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Utilizing his team and attorney Bradford Cohen, Kodak was able to bless Broward County youth with a bunch of essential Christmas toys, like stuffed animals, dolls, games, LEGOs, remote control cars and scooters amongst other things. It even looks like he had the parents covered as well, being that there were also a handful of $100 and $50 gift cards given out as well. 

According to TMZ, more than 60 families were gifted during the toy drive, which Kodak reportedly dropped $20,000 on in order to put a few smiles on the faces in his hometown. The fact that even kids in foster homes were able to be part of the nearly 100 kids that received gifts made the occasion even more of a glorious moment, and the pizza party for every family was a nice addition as well.

Thankfully it looks like Kodak Black's generosity wasn't just limited to Christmas either; he dropped $15,000 on 1,000 frozen turkeys for families in need this past Thanksgiving too. Regardless of his past transgressions, and believe us there have been many of those, this was a dope move by Kodak and we give him props for the sake of Christmas.

Peep how much the families enjoyed their gifts from Kodak Black below, and we hope you all continue to enjoy the holidays as well: