What the heck is pgLang? We've been asking ourselves this all year and still, we don't have clear answers.

The project that Kendrick Lamar has been working on with artists like Dave Free, Baby Keem and others, which is seemingly a label or creative agency of sorts, continues to mesmerize fans with its cryptic nature. It's been tossed around in conversations suggesting that Kendrick is leaving Top Dawg Entertainment, which the man himself shut down.

In the past, Free and Lamar have described pgLang as an agency for "creators and projects that selflessly speak with, and for, the shared experiences that connect us all." As you can imagine, that unclear explanation has got a lot of excited Kung Fu Kenny fans wishing for the best out of this.

Most recently, pgLang popped up for a very short spot in The Weeknd's new video for "Blinding Lights" with Rosalía. At the 2:06-minute mark, somebody wearing a white pgLang t-shirt can be seen filming the shot, which begs the question... is The Weeknd, or maybe Rosalía, involved with the mysterious collective? Or, is somebody on Abel's team also working with Kendrick? We need answers!!!

What do you think is going on behind-the-scenes with Kendrick Lamar? Hopefully, we all find out soon because the suspense is killing us!