The ever-elusive Kendrick Lamar seems to be strategically stirring the pot as of late. After he remained quiet about his conversation with Big Sean, and avoided responding to Lupe Fiasco's comments about his lyrical ability, Kendrick took to the gram for a cryptic, since-deleted, post about his evolving relationship with TDE

Following all the mix-ups, the seeds for a new album began to grow. In October, Kendrick Lamar interviewed his cousin and recent-signee, Baby Keem. The two talked about the importance of changing up sounds and remaining polarizing. In that interview, Kendrick offered a reasonable explanation for his time off between albums and also confirmed that he was happy about the new direction he was headed in.

Following this news, people began to revere at the potential for new music from Kendrick, and the hype continued to grow after a TDE artist was rumored to be shooting a video late last month.  Although it was never confirmed that this video shoot was for Kendrick, we all love to hope that any news is good news. 

But now, we don't just have to hope. The Rokslide Festival of Denmark gave us confirmation. In a recent press release, the festival announced that Kendrick would be headlining their event, and be performing new music during the last weekend of June 2021. 

Check out the full release below and let us know when you think we might hear some new Kendrick.