Still active to this day, the legendary Juicy J has been around for a minute. On paper, his journey began when he was only thirteen, learning how to rap in the vein of his favorite artists NWA and The Geto Boys as the eighties winded to a close. In 1991, Juicy J and DJ Paul connected to collaborate, beginning a musical connection that would ultimately go on to shape hip-hop history.

Three 6 Mafia

Mirek Towski/FilmMagic/Getty Images 

In 1995, Three 6 dropped off their debut album Mystic Stylez, one of the formative horrorcore projects. Since then, the Mafia went on to deliver a grand total of nine studio albums, their last one arriving with 2008's The Last Walk. In addition to the Three 6 discography, Juicy J can look back proudly on his own repertoire, with five studio albums including his brand new The Hustle Continuesreleased last Friday, November 2020. It's no wonder J has been feeling satisfied of late, taking to Instagram to assert not only his own dominance, but that of his group.

"Who the best group ever did it?" he asks, rhetorically. "THREE6 ........The hustle continues." It's not the first time a rapper has professed their own group to be GOAT status; lest we forget the time the Migos sparked debate following their own declaration, prompting responses from Turk of the Hot Boys and Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, who especially did not take kindly to the Migos' claims. In the case of Juicy J, however, it's hard to argue given the sheer scope of experience under his belt. Do you agree? Is Three 6 Mafia the greatest hip-hop group of all time?

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