It looks like City Girls' member JT is at it again with the controversial commentary. Following a recent beef with, well, everyone after some old insensitive tweets surfaced, Jatavia is now ready to take on the viral new social app Clubhouse as nothing more than a place to get some hoeing off. 

JT City Girls Clubhouse is for hoes hoe
Image: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty

"Kyle said we should join clubhouse, what's that? A new app to hoe on?" she wrote on her newly-reclaimed Twitter, following up by adding "N***a find all type of ways to be hoes talm bout a mf clubhouse! SMH. [sic]" Unfortunately, yet again, it seems like JT is speaking abruptly on something she has no real idea about. Sure, some Clubhouse chats can get pretty X-rated, but for the most part the app is used as one big conference call that can range from financial advice, music industry guidance, spiritual heath and anything you can imagine depending on the person moderating. In short, no JT — you don't have to be a hoe to kick it on Clubhouse!

With all the unneeded controversy surrounding the "Twerk" rapper, you'd think she might want to chill on giving her unwarranted and oftentimes offensive opinions on things. Then again, who is anybody to say how, where or what a free woman in America, particularly a sexually-liberated Black woman at that, should be able to talk about on her social media accounts. We can all agree though that every one of those R. Kelly tweets were definitely not it; rape and sexual abuse is never anything to joke about on any occasion, regardless of how old you may have been.

Peep JT's response below that we archived over on our Instagram page, and let us know down below in the comments if you think she's wildin' yet again or speaking facts: