Clubhouse has quickly become a staple app in the culture. A land where celebs go to air their grievances and flirt with each other, it's nearly every day late-night conversations that went down between people on the app get exposed. In the latest Clubhouse news, Joe Budden was forced to face J. Prince. Jr of Rap-a-Lot on stage while he pressed Budden about miscommunication between the two over Drake, Quality Control, and other artists.

Last weekend, listeners tuned in to hear the Joe Budden Podcast host almost be grilled by J. Prince, although many were puzzled as to why the interaction even took place. Budden had already had individual conversations with Drake and Quality Control, so people were confused about why the unprovoked attack even took place. Listen to the full confrontation here. 

In his response, also delivered on Clubhouse, Budden took aim at reporters and J. Prince Jr. for claiming he was pressed by him on Clubhouse. When other members of the Clubhouse room mentioned how many screen recordings existed of the interaction. "Joe gets pressed on Clubhouse," he mockingly says, mimicking headlines created from the interaction. Others in the room agreed that there was no pressing, and it was more like J. Prince was badgering for a problem. You can listen to the full response from Budden below.