Jim Jones has had an amazing run this year. After releasing his album El ChapoJones has enjoyed some time in the mainstream headlines. Now, Jones is shocking fans with a surprising revelation revealing he could have signed two of the biggest artists in the game right now, J. Cole and Drake, but refused to do so.

In a new interview where Capo disclosed the details of the situation, he confessed to turning down the chance to sign the heavy-hitters because he simply didn't see the vision.   

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"When Cole was a young college kid 18 or 19 when he came to me.  Shy humble kid. Couldn't even look me in the face. But he could rap his ass off ... The way I was thinking at the time was music was a reflection of where we was from, and Cole wasn't that reflection," Jones said, comparing his attitude to more like Kanye or Drake.  

He continued, "He was the kid who said 'mama, I'm going to be the biggest rapper in the world and get you out of the hood', we was the kid that said we need to get some crack so we can hustle and get new sneakers." He also explained that the reason he did not sign Drake when given the opportunity to do so was because he did not know how to market a "Canadian actor."

Had Capo signed the rappers, he could have easily been known as one of the biggest bosses in the hip hop game. What do you think Drizzy and Cole's careers would have ended up like under the leadership of Jim Jones? Let us know down below!