In his first sit-down interview since dealing with a vicious battle against COVID-19, Jeremih explains why he's not eager to receive a vaccination against the deadly virus just yet. During the conversation, the interviewer ask Jeremih, considering his battle with the virus that landed him on a ventilator in the ICU, how he feels about getting the vaccine. The R&B crooner responded honestly, "Right now, I don't know. I'm not sure yet." 

He continued, "Right now I'm good, I'm still taking shots from the hospital I'm good for my shots right now." He also still had his bracelet on, which he said is because "it's just a reminder of what I've been through...After a couple days I was just looking at it because I just, two things I just wanted to remind myself what I've been through and like, you know.

"Sometimes I just remind myself of my purpose on this earth you know cus when I was in there I didn't know whether or not I was still gonna be able to walk on this earth, so until I get my walk and my talk back I'm gonna keep this on."     

Kevin Winter/Getty Image

If you're interested in seeing what else Jeremih spoke about in the new interview, the full-length version is inserted below for your convenience...