For Jack Harlow, the moment of reckoning is nigh. Years of grinding to make a name and put on for his community have led to the release of his upcoming debut album That's What They All Say, set to land this coming Friday, December 11th. For many, Harlow was introduced by way of the infectious single "What's Poppin," which slammed into the game boasting a deftly-directed video by Cole Bennett. It proceeded to become a massive hit on TikTok, not to mention spawning a star-studded remix featuring guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, and DaBaby.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

For an artist to come into the game boasting such single-generated hype has become an increasingly common practice, and as such, there are additional stakes surrounding the release of a full-length album. In response, Harlow has unveiled a contemplative trailer for That's What They All Say, one that appears to set a far more serious tone than his affable personality may have suggested. In the cinematic clip, a soft-spoken Harlow reflects on how he "never wanted to be an avant-garde, niche artist that was over on the side and appreciated by some small community."  

"I want it all," he admits. "I want to be big. My mom made me take a personality test when I was young and the biggest trait that came out was competitive." He goes on to celebrate the nostalgic impact that music has had on him during his formative years, alluding to a desire to follow suit for a new generation. "This is the first project I felt like a man, the other ones I think I felt like a boy a little bit. Ten years from now, I want people to look back on this album as a classic. I want people to look back on this moment as the moment I shifted everything."

Check out the trailer below and sound off if you think Harlow's lofty ambition to craft a classic will be realized with Friday's release of That's What They All Say.