Playboi Carti's new Whole Lotta Red merch is quickly shaping into a Whole Lotta Drama. Yesterday, the rapper was accused of plagiarizing a shirt design from the rock group Falling in Reverse. After the band's frontman Ronnie Radke called the rapper out on his story, he threatened to take legal action, adding "Take my band name off your merch on your store.. Or I'll just take all the money you late from it. Either way."  

Now, the rapper is being accused of stealing even more merchandise. In a new post aimed at Carti, fellow Atlanta rapper Jace is accusing him of stealing ideas from him. Dedicating an entire post to Carti, he wrote "nah bruh. we not goin. its only one two nine and you know that. whole city know that. and you from the city."

"You aint reach out or say nothing. all wrong. i be chillin but im not with the disrespect. this burnt out as fuck and you know that," he continued before finally tagging Carti in the post. Comments have been turned completely off on the post that was shared yesterday. 

Carti has still yet to address any of the allegations, with Whole Lotta Red still scheduled to drop on Friday

Considering the new allegations, do you guys think Carti really did plagiarize? Sound off in the comments.