There have been several shootings in Texas recently involving rappers. Mo3 was gunned down on a Dallas highway as he ran away from his killer, Boosie Badazz was shot in the leg during his visit to the city as he grieved the loss of Mo3, and Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston during a botched robbery. Rap-A-Lot Records icon James Prince, or J. Prince, has been making moves in America's second-largest state for decades and was recently asked to give his opinions on the alarming news of artists being targeted.

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"Well, it's a lot of campaigning for darkness," said J. Prince. "And when I use that word 'campaigning for darkness,' it's like, when you get on that social media and you get to campaigning and asking for all of this confusion to enter your world, it'll enter your world if you ask for it. A lot of times, once it enter they world, they want to change they mind and it be everlasting too late. So we have to begin now... Let's not campaign and be somebody we're not. I see a lot of that."

Prince stated that the "gangster thing" that is perpetuated in rap culture has become "a game" to many people. "It ain't no game. It really not a game, but if you choose to play it, then understand the consequences that go along with it," he continued. "And prepare yourself for the consequences. When you sit back and witness what's taking place today, you can clearly see it's a lot of lip-wrestling going on and nobody is in a position where they are protecting themselves when reality knock at their front door."

He was also asked about Faizon Love's recent comments about Jay-Z as the actor blamed the rapper for the rising violence in the industry. Love stated that Jay-Z glorified a drug-dealing persona that the actor said the rapper didn't live in real life. Check out Prince's responses to both topics below.