He's not an artist who posts his day-to-day activities to social media or, like many others, engages in arguments with trolls online. So, when J. Cole surfaces with something music-related, his millions of followers take notice, and he's caused hype in the rap world with his latest revelation. Last year, Jermaine Cole hinted that his forthcoming album, The Fall Off, would arrive sometime in 2020. We're fast approaching the end of a pandemic-centered year and still, there hasn't been any news of the Dreamville mogul's anticipated project...until now.

Let us preface this by saying J. Cole hasn't divulged a tentative release date of any kind, but he has given us an enigmatic timeline sans the "time" portion. On Instagram, Cole posted a photo of "The Fall Off Era," where he documented what needed to happen prior to the album reaching fruition. Crossed out on the list are the words "Features" and "ROTD3"—the latter, of course, is his label's Grammy-nominated collaborative project, Return of the Dreamers III.

The next three on the list aren't crossed off, suggesting they are still on the way. J. Cole hasn't offered up an explanation for what they mean, but Dreamville artists have hopped in his comments to share their excitement. "The Off-Season," "It's a Boy," and "The Fall Off" are all in line, but it's his caption that caught fans' attention.

"I still got some goals I gotta check off for’ I scram...," the rapper wrote, leaving many to suggest that he may be planning retirement or at the very least, a well-deserved hiatus. Check out Cole's post and let u know if you're looking forward to The Fall Off.