Will Isaiah Rashad ever release new music? Over four years have gone by without much new music from the critically-acclaimed Tennessee rapper, despite his fans begging him every day for updates on the album. He has already announced the release of his next studio project, The House Is Burning, but it's been unclear when it will actually see the light of day. Recently, Zay has been operating as though it could come out soon, ramping up his social activity and even engaging in a playful back-and-forth with his boss, Punch, on Twitter.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

The rarely-heard-from artist updated his profile today, tweeting out, "b4 ya decide to self destruct today, it’s ppl outchea who need ya". In the comments, Punch from TDE jokingly replied, "Yeah yeah yeah where the album at?," mimicking all of Rashad's most impatient fans. The rapper struck back, writing, "quit acting u like u don’t hold the keys boss man". 

With this said, it's likely that Isaiah Rashad's album has been turned in and is ready to go. However, as you all know, Top Dawg Entertainment has been notoriously secretive about their artists' releases and, for the most part, everybody except for REASON and the odd SZA single have been shelved for years.

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Do you think this means that Isaiah Rashad will release an album in the coming weeks/months or are we getting our hopes up?