The hip-hop police are always watching, and the ubiquity of social media has made it even easier to document a rapper's activity and movements. Especially in an era where platforms like Instagram are integral promotional tools, giving artists room to communicate directly to their fanbases, with some showing little-to-no qualms about engaging in illicit activity.

G Herbo Federal Charges

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Over the past week or so, the feds have been cracking down on the rap game, arresting Casanova on firearms possession, narcotics conspiracy, and racketeering charges and G Herboon federal fraud charges; both parties have since openly maintained their innocence. In Herbo's case, the Chicago rapper and recent Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee is being accused of having been complicit in using fraudulent information and fake credit cards to purchase a variety of different items, ranging from private jet rentals to exotic dogs.

On December 3rd, Herbo opted to cooperate and turn himself in. While it's unclear what transpired over the weekend, a recent post from TheShadeRoom confirms that he has since returned home to his girlfriend Taina Williams, who shared video footage of him decorating for Christmas. Her caption "Trust The Process" seems to indicate that positive steps are occurring, though Herbo has yet to open up about his experience. Still, it bodes well that he's once again back home with his loved ones -- hopefully, this charge does not proceed to derail all the momentum Herbo has built thus far in both his music and philanthropic careers.

Keep an eye out for further developments surrounding G Herbo's recent charges as they occur.